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Renewing Your Mind

Renewing Your Mind


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Renewing Your Mind

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When God called me to write this book, He put another burden on my heart for the fullness of the work He has me doing. It's something I have spoke little about till now, but it’s something I've been quietly working on in the background for a year and a half now.


Because of the power behind the truths God has put on my heart to convey, He has also called me to reach a group of people with this information that otherwise would not have access to it. God has asked me to create a special edition of my book which has the workbook woven right into its pages for a group of people who have a hunger and desire for resources like this but would have no access to it. 


This 'Special Edition' book will never be made available for sale to the general public. God has put it on my heart to provide these books free of charge to prison inmates who wouldn't otherwise have access to this type of quality resource. 


If the prospect of partnering with me in this endeavour appeals to you, I encourage you to consider sponsoring books for inmates so they too may have the opportunity to step into the fullness Christ sacrificed for all of us to have. We are all sinners and we all make mistakes, but that will never diminish the love God has for each and every human being on this planet.


I know this isn't for everyone, but for those of you who are feeling a nudge in your spirit, I encourage you to step out in faith believing the promises of God are for all of us regardless of where we are. Remember Paul, the guy who wrote about half of the books of the bible, spent much of his time in jail and was still able to have a massive impact despite his circumstances. 


For just $7 you can sponsor one 'Special Edition Book". This one small gesture can help one hungry soul with a new start and the opportunity to turn their heart and life around. If you are able, please consider the potentially profound effect your generosity can make to the advance God's kingdom.


Thank you for taking your precious time to hear me out.

Chapter 1: Renewing Your Mind

Chapter 2: Renewing Your Love

Chapter 3: Renewing Your Identity

Chapter 4: Renewing Your Purpose

Chapter 5: Renewing Your Hope

Chapter 6: Renewing your Faith

Chapter 7: Renewing Your Gratitude

Renewing Your Mind

Living Life Intentionally

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Thank you for the honour and privilege to speak these truths into your life.  

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As a full time author, I am committed to faithfully walk through the process of completing my calling to write. The challenge is that no one pays me to write. This presents obvious challenges. 


I hope you see the value I'm bringing with this book and the impact it can have in the life of believers. So there is a way you can come along side me and help. Here's how:

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    Not only will you be coming alongside me, you will also be encouraging me along the way.

Once I was able to sort through some pre-conceived thoughts, beliefs and notions of how scripture practically applied to my life, I was finally able to have the breakthrough I had been longing to experience for almost two decades.

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