Hi, I’m Daniel, welcome to my webpage, I’m glad you are here. Born and raised in Ottawa, Canada’s capital city, I have spent most of my adult life as a serial entrepreneur. Later in life I discovered a great passion for teaching. It gives me such pleasure and joy to produce programs and lead groups both small and large as I am able. I love sharing my faith, as well as anonymously sitting at the back of a church, any day of the week, listening to great teachers and preachers speaking from their heart and sharing their wealth of knowledge. 


My soon to be published book titled ‘Renewing Your Mind’, ‘Living Life Intentionally’ based on Romans 12:2 has been an absolute joy and pleasure to write. The entire process has been such an overwhelming blessing in my life. I feel like the floodgates of Heaven have opened up upon me and I’m truly enjoying the fruits of the labour of love I’ve poured more than a year of my life into. It is my heart’s desire that as you engage the book and study guides that they serve as a catalyst to a profound and lasting growth and blessing on your walk with Christ. 


Although I am Canadian EH!, I really do enjoy warmer weather. I do my best to venture south during the winter months in my old motorhome finding great new adventures, visiting new churches and meeting new people everywhere I go. 


I thank you for taking time out of your busy day to get to know me a little better and I look forward to meeting you in person some day. 




Daniel Lafleur

Some Travel Memories

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